Victor Uzlov

Founder, chairman of Board of Directors of ADGEX International Company, Vice-president of National technological chamber, Member Expert Council International Committee Digital Economy BRICS (ICDE BRICS)

Expert in the field of Intellectual property and development of new breakthrough technologies. Obtain unique skills of promotion and product launch of innovative products and know-how. Formerly held leading posts in large international companies, in particular, was the Vice-president of MIRAKS Group Company (the leading Russian investment and developing company with HQ in Moscow), also worked as HOU in Protek company (National distributor of cosmetic and medical products).

ADGEX team obtains exclusive rights on technologies in the field of mobile and renewable power, microelectronics, transport industry, material engineering and module mechanic engineering. Each technology was assessed based on future capitalization potential, world industry demand, social importance of projects and its' integration with the governments of states in future strategic territories of technologies use.

Within the framework of "Export potential" track Victor Uzlov will present a report about the experience of promotion of innovative solutions to foreign markets "from idea to sales".

Garbage collapse as a resource of global security ensuring. New security paradigm for Planetary balance.