Indian-Russian cooperation in the sphere at SAY FUTURE: Moscow 2020 platform

On 13.11.2019 ECG BIZON’s representatives had a productive meeting at the Indian Embassy in Russia with the First Secretary of the Embassy Col. R.S. Budhwar and Dr. Jayakumar Venkatesan, CEO of Valles Marineris International Pvt Ltd. At the meeting Executive Director of ECG BIZON, Tatyana Lebedeva and Head of International Department, Oxana McChristian discussed the cooperation questions of arranging participation of Indian companies, innovative products developers and manufacturers in SAY the 3rd International Innovation Technologies Forum SAY FUTURE:Moscow within Interpolitex 2020 exhibition , in Russia in October next year, as well as potential interest of Russian companies-headliners in the sphere in DEFEXPO 2020 in India, February next year.