This year the platform is devoted to Security topic.

Say Future team, as a social experiment with participation of scientific community, institutes of civil society, all interested persons and organizations, will conduct a series of researches, polls and consultations with ultimate goal of generalization of the materials which are available in modern Russia and creation of a certain road-map of "Parameters of the future: public measurement."

The image of the future, the future events and changes always interest, motivate or disturb us. But where hides the difference between imaginations and something realistic — a true project of future reality which can be at least partially realized in practice? — director of Say Future platform Nikolay Marichev says. The point is, certainly, in the specification of the ultimate goal, determination of its parameters and the scenario of forward development. With the parameters of the future in our hands we will be able to influence it, bringing it closer to reality.

The idea of our experiment is in competently use of the public potential for a certain national brainstorming about future parameters. We would like to generalize the available visions and approaches. We, of course, don't seek to replace the state profile institutes or to go to political and religious subjects. There are lots of other platforms for this purpose. Our task is to show what processes and approaches are important to society in the most various fields. This year the platform is devoted to the subject of Security — we would like to start with this huge block — director of the platform Mr. Nikolay Marichev has declared.

The directorate of Say Future has specified that all data and proposals collected during the social experiment Parameters of the future will be published in open sources and on the resources of the platform.