Russians are not ready to switch to electric cars in the next 10 years


These are the data of the research carried out by the Say Future platform team within the framework of the social experiment "Parameters of the Future: The Public Dimension".

"We offered people to choose which car they would be ready to drive in ten years. So, according to the results it turned out that 53% of respondents would prefer the classic option — on a gasoline engine, but 47% of the experiment participants are ready to switch to an electric car, "says Say Future platform director Mr. Nikolai Marichev.

According to him, the study was conducted in all federal districts, and the total audience of people who responded to face-to-face, indirect and online surveys amounted to about 100 thousand people.

"The essence of our social experiment is to form a kind of social dimension of the parameters of the future," says Mr. Nikolai Marichev. In 2018, we decided to focus on topic of security and, in the framework of the study, we want to disclose the topic in the widest dimension: starting from global issues such as, for example, environmental security, up to the topic of protecting a single house or apartment."

According to him, the results of the social experiment will be presented at the Say Future: Security Forum, which will be held in October this year.