Neutralize cannot be destroyed - INTERPOLITEX-2022: here is known where to put a comma


Today, more than ever, there is an increasing need to ensure law and order, to prevent and eliminate mass riots in the most effective ways and without causing serious harm with the mandatory preservation of life.

We have pleasure to invite you to present special means and weapons of non-lethal action at the 26th International Exhibition of Homeland Security "Interpolitex-2022", which will be held at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre (Moscow) from October 18 to October 20, 2022.

Exposition profile

* Means of protection of secured objects (territories), blocking the movement of groups of citizens committing illegal actions.

* Special batons and electro shock systems.

* Special means based.

* Means of forced stopping of transport.

* Means of restraining movement and restricting mobility.

* Means of destruction of barriers and special gases and weapons for their use.

* Special lighting and acoustic devices.

* Weapons and hand-held devices, installations and systems for shooting special means.

* Special means of combined action.

* Special coloring and marking agents.

* Service firearms of limited damage.

* Special equipment for service animals (dogs and horses).


As part of the business program of the exhibition, a panel section "Non-lethal special equipment and weapons" is being formed as a section of the International Conference "Antiterrorism: an integrated approach".

Topics for discussion:

* The main directions in the development of combined means of non-lethal action.

* Increasing the effectiveness of special means of combined action through the use of a variety of possible combinations of damaging factors.

* "Active deterrence" systems.

* Medical and technical requirements for the special means and equipment, depending on their field of application.

* Issues of legislative regulation of the use of special means and equipment of civil and special purpose.

* Particular features of training police officers to use special non-lethal means in the event of group violations of public order.

To participate in the section are invited: representatives of the Material, Technical and Medical Support Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Main Department for Protection of Public Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, FKU NGO "STIs", Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow, Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow Region, Moscow Main Department of the Russian National Guard Troops, Moscow Region Main Department of the Russian National Guard Troops, Department of Engineering, Technical and Information Support, Communications and Weapons of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia and industrial-producing enterprises: LLC "E-Commerce Center", LLC NPC "Favorit", CJSC "ELSI", LLC "FORTUNA", JSC "RTECH-NO", LLC "March-Group", JSC "Zlatmash", JSC FNPC "Research Institute of Applied Chemistry.

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