It’s about accelerators and start-ups access, pitching and showcasing in one spot. For start-ups having a great idea is the initial step on the road to success. The following step is very important to actually make it happen. The way you represent at the pitch stage and sell your business idea to accelerators and venture funds is path-breaking for the further development of your business. The Forum’s pitching is the best way to scrutinize your idea, project or product and receive direct access to the targeted audience of accelerators and venture funds representatives. As the expert jury consists of your target group in general, these competitions at pitching stage offer you the chance to enhance your pitch skills effectively, the showcase zone gives you a chance to present your product and technology in the flesh.

It’s about creating awareness for your idea and pitching it. Many start-ups have forward-thinking ideas that could potentially benefit business and society. In order to actually initiate turning a specific idea into a successful reality, it is crucial to raise awareness and spread the word. This is exactly the point in time and place in which the events where you can pitch-present your ideas, projects and products come into play. As soon as like-minded people, experts, various industry stakeholders and other entrepreneurs come together within the innovations Forum, the creative environment is set up to facilitate the development of pioneering ideas and pitching them.

Top 7 Reasons to Participate in SAY FUTURE Forum