How can I participate as SAY FUTURE Speaker?

Speaker at SAY FUTURE is not just a lecturer. Speaker is the one who makes all the audience to be one’s partner, one’s team. Participating as a Speaker in the Forum you will make your audience comment and argue, agree and support. The main task of a Speaker is to summarize conclusions and mark the new development trends.

Speaker participation includes:

• Presentation of the report (up to 15 minutes) within the theme track, including.

• Attending all events of the Forum.

• The Forum participant Diploma.

• Information about the participant on the site of the event.

• Announcement of the Participant's presentation on the Forum website.

• Access to the Forum business chat.

• Guaranteed place at the opening ceremony.

• Providing a promotional code for free access to the Forum by the Speaker partners (unlimited).

• Provision of the Forum Participant Package.

• Access to the Forum VIP Hall.

• Visiting the "Interpolitex-2020" exhibition.

• Attending all events of the business program held as part of the Interpolitex-2020 exhibition.

• SPEAKER Badge - 1pc.

Investors and Speakers